Michael Creek – The Link Between Poverty & Mental Health




Personal Story: Michael Creek, Escaping the Poverty Trap: The Link Between Poverty and Mental Health

Michael Creek is a survivor of cancer, physical and mental abuse, homelessness and poverty. In this presentation, Michael shares his personal journey out of poverty, recovery from cancer and mental illness, highlighting the interlocking relationship between mental health, poverty and healthy eating in his experience.

About the Presenter:

Michael Creek (Director of Strategic Initiatives, Working for Change) is the former Coordinator of the Toronto Speakers Bureau, Voices from the Street, where he has learned research, public policy and public speaking. Michael sits on the board of Inner City Family Health Team Saint Michaels Hospital and the Ontario government’s expert panel on homelessness. He is a member of the Steering Committee on the City of Toronto TO Prosperity Poverty Reduction Strategy and a member of the ODSP Disability Adjudication Working Group (MCSS). Michael is also a member of the Provincial Working Group Provincial Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities (MCSS),(MEDI).  Michael sits on the Ontario Mental Health and Addictions Council Members person with lived experience panel and the Toronto District School Board Task Force Enhancing Equity. 

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